Хавергал Брайан: симфонии № 6, 28, 29 и 31 / Симфонический оркестр "Новая Россия" / Наксос


 "Walker is a superb Brian conductor. He understands the very “British” nature and quality of this music and, moreover, phrases everything with the utmost care and an exquisite sense of legato without sacrificing clarity. Along with his wonderful sense of legato one hears very fine textural clarity without sounding overly fussy.

…a very fine disc and thanks to the two world premiere recordings, a valuable one for Brian fanciers. The New Russian State Symphony plays this British music very well, too!"

Линн Рене Бейли / Фанфары, сентябрь 2015

"One thing this recording does is to reveal the strength and power of Brian’s orchestral imagination: The climaxes are absolutely tremendous. The excellent sound expands to accommodate these peaks, and again Walker is expert at controlling the rise and fall of the musical progress. The new Naxos disc is a must for Brian aficionados."

Филип Скотт / Фанфары, сентябрь 2015

"The playing is confident—even swaggering. The dark Russian color makes the performance seem more integrated. In all these works, [Walker’s] direction makes them sound fascinating and, I suspect, as coherent as anyone ever will".

Дон О-Коннор / Гайд звукозаписи Америки, сентябрь 2015

"In Alexander Walker’s hands the New Russia State Symphony Orchestra make a well argued case for the symphony [No. 28]. It stands revealed as a remarkable creation that is full of drama with a darkly beautiful edge.

The overriding summation of Brian’s symphonies is that his feel for melody, harmony and downright excellent tunes coupled with a total mastery of orchestration makes the neglect he experienced all the more difficult to comprehend. It really is time that the listening public took more notice of him as well as seeing his works featured more widely at the Proms and in other concert programmes. I hope this CD helps that process along for both orchestra and conductor do Brian proud." 

Стив Арлофф / Международная Музыкальная Сеть, июль 2015

"Alexander Walker’s interpretations…stand up well against their older rivals and in the Sinfonia tragica he produces a marvellously nuanced, rather Russian-sounding performance, with some occasionally Shostakovichian brass. The New Russia State Symphony Orchestra do the music proud. The sound quality is very good, too, as it needs to be for Brian’s complex, multi-layered invention. Recommended." 

Гай Рикардс / Журнал Граммофон, July, 2015

"The partnership between conductor Alexander Walker and the New Russia State Symphony Orchestra is a fruitful one.  My expectations of high performance quality were fully met by these gripping accounts. Walker acheives extraordinary intense playing that illuminates this music to its best advantage.  There's excellent sound quality with the disc being especially well-balanced and with good clarity.  This Naxos release is a prime recommendation, de rigeur for all Brian admirers and lovers of British music alike". 

Майкл Коксон / Международная Музыкальная Сеть, май 2015

"The four symphonies programmed on the current release give you a listening experience both fascinating and rewarding. The New Russia State Symphony Orchestra under Walker furnishes us versions that sparkle with sonic vitality. There is enthusiasm to be heard and a full commitment to the stylistic particularities. …we are well served by these recordings and get the full impact of Havergal Brian and his tremendous burst of energy in the last decades of his life." 

Грего Апплгейт Эдвардс / Галгейт Классический и Современный Обзор, май 2015

"…the performances under Alexander Walker sound remarkably assured given the unfamiliarity of the material, and they are very well recorded." 

Дэвид Хурвиц / ClassicsToday.com, май 2015

"Walker and his fine musicians are alert to one of the main features of Brian’s music, its abrupt mood changes. Walker gets good engineering, and the Naxos recording sounds rich and robust yet detailed… " 

Рад Беннетт / Рад Ревью, май 2015

"The New Russia State Symphony Orchestra makes an impressive [account] here under conductor Alexander Walker. He gets committed, dynamic performances from the NRSSO, whose members dispatch the many demanding solos in these kaleidoscopic works with great aplomb.  The recordings…are excellent. They project a robust soundstage in an ideally resonant acoustic. Brian’s scoring for large orchestras with extensive percussion sections make for a most impressive sonic image." 

Боб Макквистон / Классика потерянная и обретенная, апрель 2015

"This is an impressive and surprisingly successful record of some deeply impressive and wholly original music. One’s surprise is the quality and genuinely committed playing of the Moscow orchestra, which deliver performances of notable distinction, of music that is by no means easy to grasp and which poses problems to any ensemble that undertakes it. The undoubted success of this release has to be laid at the feet of Alexander Walker, who clearly has the grasp of this remarkably condensed and unique series of works." 

Вагхалтер: Произведения для оркестра / Симфонический оркестр "Новая Россия" / Наксос


"Walker’s interpretation of the music is sturdy, with good rhythmic pulse. The New Russia Orchestra plays with healthy vigor and largeness of gesture… " 


Дон О-Коннор / Гайд звукозаписи Америки, ноябрь 2015

"It's great fun, and conducted with both flair and love by Alexander Walker, who is responsible for the work's (New World Suite) reconstruction. A very enjpyable release." 

Дэвид Хурвиц / ClassicsToday.com, июль 2015

"Alexander Walker and the New Russia State Symphony Orchestra provide very fine performances and are nicely recorded. " 

Брюс Ридер / Обзор Классики, июнь 2015

"Their superb renditions of these selections once again prove Waghalter to be a significant romantic discovery.  The instrumental timbre is characterized by brilliant highs, a pleasing midrange and clean bass." 

Боб Макквистон / Классика потерянная и обретенная, май 2015

Хавергал Брайан: симфонии № 22-24, "Английская сюита" №1 / Симфонический оркестр "Новая Россия" / Наксос


"Well, after hearing this remarkable disc by Walker and the New Russian State Symphony, I’ve revised my opinion. It wasn’t the message that was flawed in those earlier recordings but the messengers. Possibly, the musicians (and conductors) of that earlier time weren’t used to Brian’s peculiar mode of expression and aesthetic. Walker simply tears into these scores with the conviction of a True Disciple. Could some of the emotional output also be coming from the Russian musicians? Yes, of course, but again, the conductor sets the tone and Walker knows what he is about here. This is, quite simply, a remarkable disc. Highly recommended." 

Линн Рене Бэйли / Журнал Фанфары, июнь 2014

“The performances here are very good. The New Russian State Symphony Orchestra sounds remarkably confident in Brian’s idiosyncratic sound world. The brass play very well, and the ensemble projects what have to be some very ungrateful string parts with astonishing conviction. Much of the credit must belong to conductor Alexander Walker, who keeps the music moving smartly along, and relishes the opportunities it offers for lyrical expression as well as instrumental color. Certainly this is one of the best issues in Naxos’ ongoing Brian cycle, especially as the sonics are also very tactile and vivid. Fans of the composer will rejoice.” 

Дэвид Хурвиц / ClassicsToday.com, июнь 2014

“Turbulent, untidy, unclassifiable yet gripping, Brian’s 32 symphonies, mostly written when he was over 70, are still rare beasts on record or in the concert hall. Three cheers, then, to (of all people) the New Russia State Symphony Orchestra under Alexander Walker for supplying feisty performances of the English maverick’s Symphonies 22-24 — a dark, dissonant triptych from the mid-1960s. For light relief there’s also Brian’s English Suite No 1, composed 50 years earlier and full of whimsical quotations.” 

Ричард Моррисон / Таймс, июнь 2014

Балет "Щелкунчик" / Норвежская национальная опера

"The conductor Alexander Walker demonstrated complete command over both stage and orchestra" 

Фредик Руттер /Верденс Ганг, Осло, декабрь 2012

Английский камерный оркестр / Кадоган-холл

"A light and fleet account of the opening movement, demonstrated the orchestra’s skill with Mendelssohn's transparent orchestral textures, bringing a vein of melancholy into the second movement whilst maintaining a delightful clarity. This second movement was clearly no funeral procession, but something far more subtle. Walker and his players brought out the echoes of Mendelssohn's Midsummer Nights Dream in the third movement, before launching into a tarantella which impressed with its precision and control."

Роберт Хагилл / Планета Хагилл, ноябрь 2012

Игнац Вагхалтер: Произведеиия для скрипки / Ирмина Трынкос / Королевский филармонический оркестр / Наксос


"...The outstanding support she (Irmina Trynkos) receives from the Royal Philharmonic orchestra under conductor Alexander Walker makes the case for the concerto and rhapsody even stronger." 

Классика потерянная и обретенная, октябрь 2012

Джулиан Грант: Prophet and Loss /Международный фестиваль в Аундл


"... Alexander Walker's conducting captured the drama inherent in Grant's score while also emphasizing its lyricism." 

Опера, сентябрь 2011

Почтальон из Лонжемо / Опера де Боже


"... The orchestra, led with spirit by the young Alexander Walker, ensured the ensemble tremendous pacing.  He led a cast that clearly gripped the public, who were enthusiastic and clearly excited." 

Форумопера, сентябрь 2011

«Приключения лисички-плутовки», Международный фестиваль в городе Аундл

"Музыканты Уолкера очаровали кавалькадой выверенной и пронизывающей меди, чистых звуков деревянных духовых инструментов и манящих низких струнных, искусно соединенных вместе".

Опера, сентябрь 2009

Вербум Нобиле / Центр польской культуры, Лондон


"Alexander Walker accompanied his singers expertly." 

Колин Кларе, Видеть и слышать, ноябрь 2006

«Жизнь за Царя», Оперная группа Челси

«...под динамичным руководством Александра Уолкера хор и оркестр блестяще исполнили эту незаслуженно забытую оперу» 

Роберт Хагилл / Музыка и Видение, декабрь 2004

Современная русская музыка - фестиваль "Открытие" в Санкт-Петербурге, Русский камерный оркестр Лондона

"...очень хорошо прогнозируемое, неотразимое выступление этого талантливого дирижера и оркестра."

Музыкальное мнение, декабрь 2001

"Ученик Ильи Мусина в Санкт-Петербурге, Уолкер обладает сильной склонностью к русскому стилю, который проявился в интенсивности и теплоте этого поглощающего выступления"

Музыка и Видение, декабрь 2001

“В качестве художественного руководителя (фестиваля “Творческие открытия” выступал молодой английский дирижер Александр Уолкер, который также является главным приглашенным дирижером Воронежского государственного симфонического оркестра и экспертом по исполнению русской музыки. Фестиваль представил увлекательную и глубокую музыку Санкт-Петербурга в новом свете и был посвящен 300-летнему юбилею города и организован в сотрудничестве с властями города. Я посетил захватывающий финальный концерт фестиваля в  Conway Hall, Холборн, 15-го сентября, представленный Русским камерным оркестром Лондона, образованным в 1998 г. и специализирующемся на русской музыке. Последние выступления этого оркестра включают премьеру Галины Уствольской и русского балета Мамедова в театре Колизей. На фестивале оркестром виртуозно дирижировал Александр Уолкер, под руководством которого музыканты представили премьеры Владимира Успенского (г. Р. 1937), Андрея Петрова (1930) и Юрия Фалика (1936) – ведущих композиторов Санкт-Петербурга старшего поколения, следующего за Чайковским и Прокофьевым. “Русский дух” принесли “Мимолетности” Прокофьева – цикл фортепианных пьес в стиле импрессионизма в переложении для струнного оркестра Рудольфа Баршая. Смелая работа Александра Уолкера помогла     сплотить оркестр и передать сильно отличающиеся настроения этих эпиграмматических миниатюр, от неуловимого поэтизма до буйства эмоций, от пикантного до агрессивного нео-классицизма, спокойного и провидческого. Яркое звучание Русского камерного оркестра Лондона выразилось максимально в фанфарах Реквиема Юрия Фалика – композитора с характерным, восхитительным подходом к новой тональности."

Малкольм Миллер / Музыка и Видение, декабрь 2001

Брамс и Элгар, Филармония города Люблин


«...дирижер, который прекрасно постиг структуру, c особым даром создавать музыкальное настроение» 

Люблинский курьер, октябрь 2000

Бриттен, Моцарт и Россини, Воронежский государственный симфонический оркестр

 ".... утонченный музыкант, обладающий чувством стиля, четкими жестами и необыкновенно выразительными движениями"​​ 

Воронежский курьер, февраль 1999

"He is comfortable in a wide range of styles..He has a good rapport with the musicians of the orchestra, and is able to produce the results he requires from them. He has a deep understanding of music, and his conducting is energetic and committed." 

Леонид Корчмар /Директор, Киров Опера, декабрь 1998

"It is without doubt that this young conductor will show himself to be a superlative director of the orchestra possessing outstanding musical and conducting qualities." 

Профессор Илья Мусин / Петербургская консерватория, декабрь 1998

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